The Philippines is a basketball crazy country. It may not be our national sport, but there is no place in the country that is populated by its citizens where you cannot find a basketball court. It is played almost anywhere, in the gyms, in the streets and even in makeshift basketball courts when there are no actual courts to be found. Anywhere you go you will always here that familiar thud when a basketball bounces of a pavement or the oh so satisfying swoosh whenever the ball hits nothing but the net. Basketball here is not simply a sport, it is a medium that can unite a nation, force total strangers to be friends and give each other high fives whenever the national team scores or wins a game. It is not simply a sport, but also a culture, a culture that defines unity among diverse individuals in this economically diversified country. To describe what is basketball to the Filipinos would be similar as to describe what is football to the British or what is Hockey to the Canadians.


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