50mm f/1.8 1/4000s ISO-200 Intramuros Caught this one as I was taking a break from studying for our Parasitology Practicals. Advertisements


Typical scenario in the Manila Bay baywalk. People from all walks of life pass through the long stretch of Roxas Boulevard everyday as they commute to their destinations. Found within this long stretch is the Baywalk, a historic landmark for where one can enjoy the world famous Manila Bay Sunset.


I recently did some reading on some Photoshop tutorials and I came across something very interesting that I believe would be appropriate for my level of understanding of the software. I saw it in Photoshop Lady, which is an awesome site for photo manipulation tutorials, and I decided to give it a try. The results…


My first attempt on creative photography.


This is a 3 volley salute, commonly known here in the Philippines as a 21 gun salute. It is usually performed during a funeral of heads of state, members of the military or of any citizen of great societal significance. This one specifically was performed on the funeral of the father of a friend of…